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The African Violet Council of Florida (AVCF) was founded January 14, 1978.

The AVCF holds meetings twice a year. The time and place is announced at the previous meeting and on this website and on the New Facebook Page.

The group of members enjoy growing and sharing information about all kinds of African violets including species and various other gesneriads.


While some of our AVCF members are very experienced and seasoned fanciers of the African violets and other gesneriads, some of our members are novices.  Our experienced members are very happy to assist other members and help them learn how to grow beautiful violets.

Click on the tab marked Affiliates on this website or click here to view the clubs and organizations and more information about each.    

A Little About African Violets

The African violet, botanically known as Saintpaulia, is a genus of six species of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the gesneriad family.  

African violets or Saintpaulias are native to Tanzania and the area adjacent to southeastern Kenya in eastern tropical Africa.

A Message From AVCF President, Jim Boyer

For: 09-04-2018

I'mmmm Backkkkk!

I'm going to do something I rarely do - I'm going to be serious

1 month away - it's show time. Are you getting your plants ready? Thad & his staff of volunteers have been working very hard to make this a great show. 

I am really looking forward to the show & seeing all of you there. Hotel reservation deadline is 9/6. If you haven't made reservations do it NOW! Also, get your meal reservation in to Sharon Garner. AND, don't forget those award donations. Send those to Carolee Carter.

I was looking through the AVSA magazine last night. There are a lot - and I mean a TON - of changes to the Handbook. For you judges (or aspiring judges) I strongly suggest you take out all 3 pages & attach them to your Handbook.

That's it for now. I'm patting myself on the back for staying serious. It may never happen again  

See you at the show,

King James



Spring Meetings

Every Spring, members from all parts of Florida come together in fellowship to continue a proud tradition of educating the public and curating healthy, hearty, beautiful plants for generations still to come. 

Please visit the Events page for details of our upcoming May 4th meeting at Golden Corral, 897 W. Town Pkwy., Altamonte Springs, FL 32714


Fall Meetings

Every Fall, members and our fellow citizens celebrate the beauty of African Violets and Gesneriads at our Annual Show and Sale. Come see the beauty for yourself!

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